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How To Buy A Vacation Home You Can Use As A Business

Having recently gone through the process of buying a vacation property to rent out, I realized how helpful it would have been to have a step-by-step guide.

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How much should go into your special needs trust

Anyone with a child with special needs understands the need to prepare for the future. A trust is always a good place to start, and figuring out a savings goal for that trust is a key part to your planning.

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If You Hate RMDs, You Might Love QLACs

A newer feature on certain deferred income annuities can help you with RMDs ... and you've probably never heard of it.

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Planning for long-term care just got easier.

Read this Forbes article to learn more about New York Life’s new long-term care insurance product.

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Buying a home is a financial goal for many people, but it can be problematic for some.

Avoid these common mistakes many new homeowners are making.

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Retirement is not just a big step for you, but your children as well.

Here are some tips for discussing it with your family.

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