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Fee-Based Financial Planning

Holistic fee-based financial planning. I believe that planning starts
and ends with the client's goals and objectives in mind.

Using state of the art software (E-Money), we can run various scenarios including: retirement planning, college funding, insurance planning, and planning for a loved one with special needs. We can also look at various stress tests and "what-if" scenarios of what could go wrong (a long-term care event or loss of a job for example) and illustrate what impact this may have on the plan long term and the probability of success for these various scenarios. Finally, we will make specific recommendations tailored to the client's objectives and concerns to help mitigate these risks including possibly reallocation of investments1, additional or a different type of life insurance, disability income planning, college funding strategies, and estate planning.

1Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss, but is intended to help manage your goals and risk tolerance.